LIPI Press Catalogue 2016

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September 21, 2016


Rahmi Lestari Helmi


LIPI Press, Catalogue, 2016


The 2016 LIPI Press Catalogue exhibits our publishing highlights from LIPI’s research results in life sciences, social sciences and humanities, earth sciences, engineering sciences, and scientific services. The 2016 LIPI Press Catalogue calls out the solution, in the form of a splendid array of books that will be crucial to the public conversation on the economy, geo logy, politic, Indonesian biodiversity, and dozens of other important issues. Our essential list features some of the best scientific book from remarkable researchers. Under the Surface of Jakarta Threat: Unseen, Unthought, and Unexpect-ed, edited by Robert M. Delinom, reveals the prob-lematic situation of Jakarta’s groundwater and land subsidence. Riwanto Tirtosudarmo’s On the Politics of Migration: Indonesia and Beyond discusses the phe-nomenon of migration both from local and global per-spectives. Firman Noor, on the other hand, explores the dynamic political relationship between Islamic par-ties in Disunity and Solidity of Islamic Parties: The Case of PKB and PKS in the First Decade of Reformation Era.
We are delighted to offer a digital edition of our latest titles at For more information, access our website at lipipress. and Keep in touch with us by following our Facebook Fan Page (LIPI Press) and Twitter (@lipi_press).


LIPI Press Catalogue 2016

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